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Virtual Day Trading Rooms - For Equities Market Day Traders
  Room Description:
    This online trader room is filled with experienced live traders who are trading with their real money.  The room is designed for serious day traders that want to stay connected to a group of professionals for the purpose of sharing ideas and increasing their knowledge and trading opportunities.  In this room, you will engage with seasoned experts as they will share their trading plan, alerts and signals throughout the trading day. 
  Free Trader Chat Room - For Professional Stock Market Day Traders
    Join in and evaluate the quality of this online chatroom for free.  Simply register below and you will receive logon instructions along with a user name and password.  See below to enroll.
  Included with this trial:
  All features as premium members.
  Trading Instructor Assistance
  Access to over 50 trading professionals
  Access to our archives of daily chatroom logs
  Free education courses, online videos and coaching services
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