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About ProTrading Network
The Professional Trading Network encompass a large network of professional market trading service providers. These providers include trading firms, education providers, research/analysis, trader software and other services related to the market trading industry.  The primary function for ProTrading Network is to prepare traders for their professional career in the market trading arena.  We specifically focus on educating traders that wish to be employed by a brokerage firm, proprietary trading firm, or any qualified establishment that hires traders to trade their firm's capital.

The officers of ProTrading Network and its affiliate partners have been providing professional market trading services since 1997.   With over 10 years experience in the trading markets, our business model revolves around providing traders with the necessary tools, education, experience and personal assistance necessary to be successful in the market trading arena.  PTN graduates are recommended to our selection of trader service providers for employment.

Experience The Quality & Professionalism of ProTrading Network
The Professional Trading Network is comprised of many reputable providers of market trading services in this industry. Our affiliates and partners provide their services with the highest level of quality and professionalism.   We brought together professional brokerage experience, proven money managers, media, and educational veterans who are willing to provide knowledge and live trading assistance to all our traders.

We are currently expanding our on-site and remote trading operations for all markets including equities, currencies, futures, and options. We are looking for both new and experienced traders and support multiple trading platforms, signals /  alerts, calls, research and technical support.

ProTrading Network is for Novice and Expert Traders
We are looking for highly motivated individuals with discipline, entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to handle the responsibilities of managing the capital of our chosen providers of professional trading services.   We provide our members with all the necessary education, training, mentorship, technology and trading tool required to be competitive in the market trading industry.

Trading Platforms and Connectivity
Through out technology providers, ProTrading is equipped to provide individualize assistance on a multitude of Level II Direct Access Trading Platforms including Sterling Trader Pro, Orbis Pro Trader, Real Tick, Omni Pro, REDI Plus, View Trade and Light Speed.

Complimentary Education From Cambridge Trader's Institute
Upon qualification, our chosen provider of professional trading services will sponsor your education needs.   This includes access to our online video library, coaching services, personal mentorship and continuing education courses.  These training and education courses are delivered online with a presentation of the highest level of professionalism and quality.   Their proven trading strategies result in the highest success ratio from their graduates when compared to other education providers in the industry. 

ProTrading will provide a 6 week online training course that includes lesson material, testing quizzes and a live streaming Level II platform for simulation purposes. This six week course is entirely FREE and will provide all the knowledge any trader would need to start their journey as an active Equities Market day trader. Continuing education, coaching and mentorship will follow after the course completion as they will guide you through the market during live market hours.

The Best Deal Available
Our chosen provider of professional trading services will pay for all the trader education provided by our firm for those who qualify. This CBSX Sponsorship can save traders up to ten thousand dollars in education costs and continuing training fees. With this CBSX Sponsorship structure it's no surprise why most professionals choose ProTrading for their trader education and service needs. 

Here is how the program works.

  • Experienced traders who do not require education & training should proceed to make your request to be recommended to our trader service providers by completing the Trader Employment online registration form.
  • If you are a novice or trading less than one year, proceed to enroll for our CBSX Sponsorship Program and receive over 50 hours of high quality video tutorials and self paced learning materials and quizzes. 
  • After completing your training & education, this firm will contact our selection of professional trading service providers on your behalf and recommend you to their firm for employment.
  • ProTrading will assign its education and coaching providers to help monitor your performance and work together to help you achieve successful trading results.
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